My journey

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I’ve raised and bred English Bulldog for many years. I was in love with their little clown face. Unfortunately, like many other owners and breeders of English Bulldog, I encounter many health and breeding issues.

A few years ago I started to search for an alternative. I loved my English Bulldogs but I didn’t want to keep on breeding a breed that was now deteriorated by so many decades of mist breeding.

My search led me to the  Olde Victorian Bulldogge, witch from my point of view, has every characteristics of the English Bulldog without  the health issues. His athletic size and shape makes him a more active say sportive dog. The Olde Victorian Bulldogge is the real Bulldog like it was 300 years ago. Full of energy, a real clown and a good faithful companion.

So I bought my first couple from breeders that were known for their excellent lineage.

All my dogs live in  house, with me or with close friends and family members. they share the life of adult, kids and sometimes other anmals.

Most my actual dogs are of Olde Victorian Bulldogge lineage. They are well manner, very friendly and wonderful companions.

Ho I forgot "BullDingue" means "crazy about Bullies" in french!

All our dogs are registred IOEBA and or VBA


A member of the family

At BullDingue's place no outside kennel, no horrible barn, no shed, no garage, no dirty bassement, no dogs chained in the backyard!



All our dogs live in the house, here or in a forever family where they are really a family member.  Their family are close friends who wanted to share the adventure with us. 

When one of the dogs retires it stays for ever with his family.

When a female is near to her due time she comes to our place a few days before and goes back home after 5 or 6 weeks. This way the puppies learn to live without their mother with their brothers and sisters, oncles and aunts and other family members and are less whiny when they are adopted.

Our females are not bred repetively.They are in super shape and give birth to healthy and stong puppies

All our puppies go outside to play, breathe the country fresh air. During that time we clean the nursery. When the puppies go outside with their mom they smell and learn where mammy does her job so it helps for housebraking!

Like our babies


Our dogs are born in the house. We manage a nursery especially for them.

Each of them as a file where we write their progress and behaviour. Fortunately our females have enough distance between their pregnancy so we have only one litter at a time and they have all our attention

They are manipulated many many times a day by adults and kids.


When they are old enough and the weather is good, they go outside playing in the grass, running after the butterflies and breathing the fresh air of the mountain. Because they are not only in a kennel they are faster learner when time comes for house braking.

They are fed with high quality food, vet checked at 6 week, vaccinated and dewormed.

Our puppies do not leave till the 8th week. Even if the mother weans them sooner they need to remain in dogs company to find their place in the animal society before the human one.